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Why Choose AUCTIONS!

Turning Your Assets in Louisville and Bowling Green, Ky Into Cash!

Are you a property owner, heir, executor, executrix or board member, with an interest in selling any assets in?  Auction marketing may be the smart answer for marketing your assets.

Direct Benefits to Sellers:

  • Know the date the property will be sold and when You will get paid.
  • Know when open houses and showings will occur.
  • Contingencies and negotiations are eliminated.  Property sells “as is, where is and with no contingencies.”
  • The auction method of marketing is a simple and efficient process to dispose of Assets.
  • Receive TRUE market value in a well-promoted auction.
  • Reduce moving costs by selling personal property, such as furniture, art, antiques, and tools, on the same day as the real estate.


  • Attend previews or open houses.
  • Inspect what is being sold.
  • Communicate to auctioneer your needs or requirements.  They can help you.
  • Ask questions and get answers.
  • Arrive early at auction events.
  • Register and get on mailing and e-mail alert lists for future auctions.
  • Read rules and terms of auction.
  • Check out inventory and late additions.
  • Call a friend, if you see something they should buy.
  • Look over the bidding competition.
  • Investigate condition and suitability of object or property.
  • Appraise its value to you.
  • Will an item fit and go with your other décor? Or, can you buy it and resell it for a profit?
  • What can you add or change to improve your yield?
  • On real estate, estimate potential future income and expenses to arrive at net operating income.
  • Is there hidden value or demand others won’t see?
  • Can it be subdivided?
  • Develop an exit plan with a specific holding period in mind.
  • What is Plan B, if things don’t work out, as anticipated in Plan A?
  • Set limits and be prepared to exceed them, if your heart is set on being the winning bidder.
  • Be aware that some of the best real estate buys are at public auctions. Liens and lien holders, sometimes prevent the most motivated sellers from offering properties at Absolute Auction.

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I first met Elizabeth Monarch some 15 years ago when she and her father, Miller Monarch, both Auctioneers and Realtors, auctioned the live auction items for our Kentuckiana Chapter of SCI’s Annual Fundraiser. Both did an outstanding job and our Chapter made more money than we had during previous years’ auctions.  They were very professional and they were fun at the same time and we invited them back year after year!  Later when Elizabeth’s husband, Lonnie Gann, joined the team, our Chapter continued to enjoy successful auctions as well as good times during the auctions and our crowds, who stated that they enjoyed our auctioneers, grew year after year!  

Elizabeth was the first female auctioneer most of our members had the pleasure of watching auction. Elizabeth is confident and does an exceptional job!  Her voice is crisp and clear with just the right volume so that everyone in the room can follow her auctioneer’s chant and know the current bid.  Her friendly but professional manner keeps the audiences’ attention while being relaxed enough to help our attendees have a fun time! It is obvious to all our members and guests that Elizabeth not only loveswhat she is doing… she knowswhat she is doing!

Sherry Maddox

Officer, Kentuckiana Chapter of SCI

— Sherry Maddox